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Upcoming NCGR Philly Events

Our events are held monthly except for the months of July and August. Due to the pandemic, our events are being held online via Zoom until further notice.

Sunday, December 18th, 2022 – 2:00 to 4:00 pm EST
Webinar via Zoom:


Lin Ewing • Interceptions


(Lecture via Zoom)

Because intercepted signs are not visible or recognized within the person’s environment, intercepted energies and needs have neither been recognized nor met.  The interception can be felt as a part of oneself that has not been allowed to express.  The counterpoint of intercepted signs are intercepted houses, 2 houses which share the same sign on their cusps.  To explore:

  • What interceptions are;
  • How they happen in a chart;
  • Where they are more likely to occur;
  • What interceptions can mean;
  • The karmic implications;
  • How they affect the native;
  • How to assist the client in overcoming obstacles and blockages posed by the interception.


Lin Ewing is an astrologer and Akashic Record reader located in Chicago, Illinois.  In addition to doing Akashic Record and astrological readings, Lin offers astrology classes for total beginners as well as workshops for those more advanced and for professional astrologers who wish to expand their understanding and knowledge of specific topics within astrology.

Reach Lin at linewing@astrologicaldetails.com.  Website:  www.astrologicaldetails.com


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